Los Javis Espadin Joven Mezcal (75 cl)

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Los Javis Espadin Joven Mezcal (75 cl)

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Espadín Oaxaca´s most cultivated maguey for its high sugar content and ease of production. Los Javis Espadín maguey grows in the humid and arid central valleys of Oaxaca.
Hand selected maguey/agave (Capon), roasted in a conical stone oven,Tahona milled, naturally fermented in wooden vats. Distilled in smallcopper pots, individually bottled and hand numbered.

Upon tasting our Espadín, you will sense hints of anise, apple and orange oil with a high salinity.
With the perfect balance of aromas, our Espadín Joven carries notes of orange blossom, honeydew and fresh olives. “Joven” translates to young and bears no age statement.


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