Arak Haddad Crystal (75 cl)

Arak Haddad Crystal (75 cl)

  • 25.000 JOD

Product Description

Arak Haddad Crystal is produced by Eagle Distilleries Company (Jordan), Made with grapes neutral spirits, distilled with aniseed. This unique Arak is produced from the finest green aniseed, grown in the best combination of soil and climate then acquired and triple distilled with grapes. The art of triple distillation ensures this methanol free Arak, so you can enjoy the anise aroma and purity of Arak Haddad Crystal either straight or after adding 2/3 water and ice.
The great taste in addition to the distinctive bottle design and color makes Arak Haddad Crystal a great treat for your own enjoyment, or a perfect gift where you can enjoy the taste with friends and beloved ones.



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