Beluga Vodka - Transatlantic Racing (70 cl)

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Beluga Vodka - Transatlantic Racing (70 cl)

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  • Color: Crystal clear vision.
  • Flavour: The nose emits the sweet notes of vanilla, with a hint of citrus, corn and toasted bread with a spicy finish.
  • Palate: soft, round, mouth is fresh and velvety, very elegant with a sweet and pleasant taste spicy finish.

PRODUCER: The Vodka Beluga Transatlantic Racing is produced in Russia at the Mariinsky distillery, founded in 1902 on the border between Russia Siberia and European Russia, one of the most pristine landscapes and tranquility of Russia. A place steeped in history, told in the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway and that brings us to today, when the distillery was acquired by Russia JSC Synergy Group, with the sole aim of producing the best vodka in the world. Today, the Mariinsky reality is largest in the COUNTRY:, in a mixture of knowledge, tradition and technology distillatrice.

COUNTRY: Siberia, Russia.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: The vodka is distilled three times in continuous stills using only barley and degree is reduced by using pure water from Siberian rivers then allowed to stand for one year. The particularly strategic position allows the distillery using numerous artesian wells in this area of ​​about 300 meters deep, thus being able to make pure water, an essential element in order to produce this vodka well.

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